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Wednesday, 21 February 2007 12:17
Two breezy races sailed on Sunday to conclude Midwinters East. Use these links to get race results for Laser Gold, Laser Silver, Radial Gold, Radial Silver and 4.7s. 

Thursday saw light air for all racing.  Both the Laser and Radial fleets are racing in two split fleets.  Two races were completed for all Laser and Radial fleets and one for the single, 20 boat 4.7 fleet. 

Three races for all fleets were added to the score sheets on Friday.  Winds were still in the light range but consistent enough to keep a constant flow of racers moving through the trapezoid course. 

The Laser and Radial fleets have now completed their qualification series and have been scored with one throw out.  They will race in gold and silver fleets for the remainder of the regatta with five more races scheduled.  Increasing wind is in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday which should make for some exciting racing. 

Saturday brought the most breeze of the series so far with the first race sailed in 15-18 and less wind as the day unfolded for two more races.  Cameron Hall has a good lead in the 4.7 fleet.  All remaining fleets have very close competition with two important races planned for Sunday.

Increasing breeze and building waves were the theme for the two remaining races on the last day of the regatta.  British sailor Paul Goodison won both Laser gold fleet races to solidify his regatta win.  Tight racing continued in the Radial gold fleet between Anna Tunnicliffe and Paige Railey as they ended up tied in the final score with Tunnicliffe winning the tiebreak.  Cameron Hall was the winner of the 4.7 fleet.



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