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Monday, 24 March 2008 14:51
The Easter Bunny and Eric Faust were the stars of the 25th regatta. 

Report from the Easter Bunny: 

The 2008 event was our 25th regatta. Lots of celebrations were had about that including a cake with candles and a poster that everyone signed for display in the trophy case.  Saturday morning we were greeted with flat water and nearly no breeze. We went out, sailed a leg and the committee towed the fleet home for lunch.

     After lunch we were greeted by 3 to 12 mph winds from the East. Easterly winds must cross over 1200 foot hills before arriving at 680 foot above seal level Lake Travis. The winds were consistently centered around about 90 degrees but the winds were extremely tricky to navigate.  The fleet enjoyed four fine 45 minute races at the front and endured four annoying one hour races at the back. The near perfect sunny blue sky day made up for any suffering on the course.

     Sunday morning the fleet was greeted by cooler temperatures and cloudy skies and lots of wind. The wind again centered around easterly but the shifts were huge and the velocity changes were outrageous. Even the sailors at the top of the fleet occasionally found themselves fully hiked and lying in the water while frantically yanking their tillers to avoid a weather capsize or the dreaded "in irons while backing past the fleet" condition.

     Eric Faust had a weekend to remember. He was leading the event after six races and all he really needed to do was sail around the course a couple more times to claim the title. He made it through 2 1/2 of the four weather legs and then drifted back to the harbor with a torn sail and a three piece mast. As Eric Frantically scrambled to find parts, a sail and re-rig he was unaware Doug Kern, who won race seven and led the regatta by 4 points had more important things to do than sail the last race. Doug has young daughters and, when your kids are that age, Easter egg hunts trump sailboat races. Eric returned to the course with a six point lead and his favorite left side favored shifty wind conditions.

     Gavin Rudolph took off the official Easter Champion Belt and presented it to Eric.

Yellow means: signed up as Radial. The Radial fleet was too small so full rigs were provided and  rig switching per race condition for the yellow highlighted numbers was absolutely encouraged.

2008 Easter Laser Regatta           
PosNameSail #Race 1Racce 2Race 3Race 4Race 5 Race 6Race 7Race 8TOTALW/ Drop
1Eric Faust40202122212233513
2Doug Kern127515316111225028
3Don Brown82685138333344229
4Doug Peckover948216251218214731
5Bruce Martinson90899912557565846
6Gavin Rudolph810387664611206848
7Neall Martin99471315415105426853
8Fred Schroth5002689711212136855
9Ravi Subramanian 869941011113171077356
10David Morgan18541841110710897759
11James Freedman1032716161684958165
12David Grogono6263171215415917109982
13Shawn Ryan89001518179141814811395
14Bob Wolf11141771820131619124104
15Bruce Moore685422192020915716128106
16Bill Mitchell8139212223221216611133110
17Charie Buller5852106101322303030151121
18Kevin Gunn30811123182324232018160136
19Colin Feik1112724253617171314173137
20Nicholas Huffeldt10582025212618212112164138
21Luke Holmes767732024830303030175145
22Robert Goodson58581211141930303030176146
23Steve Ehlers6583028292819141515178148
24Cal Herman23082414282716123030181151
25Mike Mashl11573135222521221817191156
26Renee Ruais – R24531921131430303030187157
27Nelson Reynolds1911293192130303030192162
28Pierre Bossart52393229262923201921199167
29John O'Riordan222326301730303030216186
30Janet Rupert – R73492734273030303030238204
31Ann Marie Hoover98163730322430303030243206
32Billy Eno72612531313630303030243207
33Marshall Woodson95163627333230303030248212
34Bill Hawk5332632343630303030248212
35Lucy Lingard88842833373530303030253216
36Britt Feik81093338353130303030257219
37John A. Holmes193836363330303030263225
38Ariana Cobb – R21393437393430303030264225
39Jay Chenin – R51313540383630303030269229
40Scott Bryan98273940403630303030275235
2008 Easter Laser Regatta Masters             
PosNameptsSail #Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5 Race 6Race 7Race 8TOTALw/ DropMasters score
1Doug Peckover 948292481421312222
2Eric Faust144020212221142261226
3Doug Kern141275153147120422236
4Bruce Martinson7908958943333382936
5Fred Schroth 500247657288473939
6David Morgan71854114865665514047
7Ravi Subramanian 148699391791274524054
8David Grogono1462631010113105116665569
9Bill Mitchell 81391314161481147877171
10Bob Wolf7118115111281013786572
11Bruce Moore7685414121412610510836976
12Charie Buller758526679142020201028289
13Kevin Gunn 30817151215161520121129292
14Steve Ehlers765818171917119991099097
15Mike Mashl711571921151613141211121100107
16Nelson Reynolds71911173131317202020123103110
17Pierre Bossart 52392018171815131321135114114
18Renee Ruais – R1424531213101020202020125105119
19Janet Rupert – R773491620181920202020153133140
20Bill Hawk75331519212520202020160135142
21Marshall Woodson795162316202120202020160137144
22Britt Feik781092123222020202020166143150
23John A. Holmes7192422232220202020171147154
24Scott Bryan798272524252420202020178153160
25Jay Chenin – R1451312223242320202020172148162

 Masters points in third column 55 and up scored scratch. 45 to 54 scored with one point per race added.  35 to 44 scored with 2 extra points

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