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Written by Sherri Campbell   
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 18:23

As there were no contested positions, no election will be held.  We welcome Clay Johnson as the new Treasurer.  Read on for more details about Clay.

Update on October 14, 2008:  The nomination of Clay Johnson as submitted on October 9th by outgoing Treasurer Ben Richardson:

I am pleased to nominate Clay Johnson to run for the office of Treasurer of the North American Laser Class. Clay is a 24-year-old Harvard College graduate who has competed in the Laser class at the highest levels for the last ten years. The Treasurer is responsible for the financial policies of the organization an Clay is every bit as capable of that stewardship as I was four years ago.

Clay grew up in New Jersey and was, as he says, a 3.5-time All- American (honorable mention his freshman year) at Harvard while majoring in Government and graduated last year. He and I then trained full-time through the Olympic Trials where he finished 3rd, improving on his 19th and 6th place finishes in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Since the Trials he has been working as a commodities trader at Louis Dreyfuss in Connecticut. Over the past ten years he has competed actively in regional, national, international and world championships in the Laser.

The Ex-Com is currently composed of a very professional group of individuals who have spent quite a bit of time sailing the Laser in their lives, if not as much recently. The group is responsible for the strategic thinking about where the class is going in the near to long term, while employing One Design Management to oversee the day-to-day operations. The Treasurer has particular responsibility for financial policy making, but again, he or she does not reconcile the till so to speak. Clay will make an excellent addition to this group and will also bring a younger members perspective to the discussion.

The class has many constituents and the Ex-Com has to be commensurately responsive to all of their needs. Fundamentally, most class members race, and part of what the class needs to do is facilitate the development and achievement of our elite sailors. Clay will follow me in bringing the perspective of an elite sailor to discussions about world qualifying and the like. It may seem as though the Ex-Com should be populated by weekend warriors, but it is easier for an elite sailor to understand the needs of the warriors than for the warriors to understand the needs of the elite sailors.


 The following current elected officers have agreed to stand for re-election.

Chairman - Tracy Usher

Vice Chairman - Eric Faust

Secretary - LauraLee Symes

Treasurer –

At Large - Tommy Wharton

If you would like to make a nomination for any additional candidates, contact Sherri Campbell, ILCA-NA Executive Secretary ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). 

Election Schedule:

Nominations: October 6 through October 12

For Treasurer - Clay Johnson (received 10/9/08)

Campaigns - October 14 through October 20

Voting - October 21-24 (by district secretaries only according to ILCA-NA By-Laws)

If you have any questions, please contact the office by email or phone 619-222-0252.

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